Women's Meetings:

"Let's Talk About It"    

Our Meetings are from 7:30-9:00 p.m.
For location/directions please call 516-984-2411 or you can e-mail at:

Please note: We are in recess for the months of July and August.
Please have a blessed, safe and prosperous

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Dates To Remember
  Our next meeting will be:

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Monday, October 16, 2017
Monday, November 20, 2017
Monday, December 18, 2017
“BE ENCOURAGED” Ministries Inc.
“LET’S TALK ABOUT IT”: Women’s Book Club

Our Theme 2017: Go Get Your Stuff Back
"And David enquired at the Lord, saying, Shall I pursue after
this troop? shall I overtake them? And he answered him, Pursue:
for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover
all. (1 Samuel 30:8)

Hi Ladies,
On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, we will start out with Open
Our topic will be "The Power of Forgiveness"

I look forward to our readings, open discussions, outings along
with community service endeavors.
So, bring a friend, come out and join us and
Let's Talk About It...

As always, if there are any problems or concerns please contact:
Minister Robin
Cynthia Ramsey-Carter (Trustee)

Our commitment:
Service as Unto The Lord...
"BE ENCOURAGED" Ministries Inc.
(Project Help)

Any need that is brought to our attention if we can assist, help out
or support we at "BE ENCOURAGED" Ministries Inc. are blessed to
do so, because we believe that we are

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