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"BE ENCOURAGED": My Life As A Child Of The King"
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Dear Robin,
I want to thank you for putting
your precious life's struggles
and victory over them in writing
in the simplest form to enable
your readers true confirmation
that no one is spared yet
through God and His Divine
intervention of the Holy Spirit
we can overcome; or at least
be stirred by His poking until a
time we humble ourselves
and give our life up to our Lord.
While engaged in absorbing
your verbiage, describing your
youth; how you were raised,
your teens; when and how you
made decisions, your
adulthood; revealing ongoing
battles of continued
choices and choices others
made that you had no control
over yet they affected your life,
how you dealt with them and
finally the conquest to take
ownership of your situation by
accepting that still small voice
of God to own His strength  in
all things; which I believe is a gift
brought to you by God Himself
through His Spirit; my spirit was
Turning the pages of your book
My Life As A Child Of
The King
, came so natural to me
because of your honesty. It is a story
that although its details do not
conform to my life I was able to feel
your pain and I found myself unable to
put the book down. I view your book
as a brief summary of an introduction
to get to know you; similar to meeting
a new friend by chance, but choosing
to become friends. The bonus is that
my son’s mother-in-law, had reached
out to me with an invitation to her next
book club meeting at which you were
to attend. For me, this was a
two-fold blessing as I looked forward
to meeting you in person I felt warm
inside that I was considered to be
included in the meeting. Upon
receiving this invitation I immediately
agreed to join without a hint of
apprehension as I was thrilled…to
say the least.
Robin what a wonderful book. I love
it. I am half way through the book
and its just breath taking. Thanks
again for the book and the visit.

Hi Robin,
I didn't get to speak with you on
Saturday but wanted to let you know
your book was truly a blessing to
me.  You are very courageous for
putting it all out there and I respect
you for that, the reality is we as
women have all been through
something with our men but  most
of us don't have the faith, strength
or courage to endure!!!  And we
certainly don't want to tell it. You
have encouraged me to strive to
become TOTALLY dependent on
God, thank you so much!!!
Look what the Lord has done
with you. What a powerful
testimony of his love. For a
while I had forgotten some of
the things that you had written
about and I began to cry,
because I don't keep track of a
lot, but God never forgets and
through your  book I was
reminded  of  this by the Lord.
We never know the impact we
have in anyone life. Thank you
Robin for sharing  your book I
was truly blessed ,  it was
written so beautifully and  the
end was so powerful. No one
can deny this is truly a work of
God to Him be all the glory.
A Friend

I am almost finished reading
your book. God is truly traveling
with you through your journey.
You are a woman of
substance and an example of
what God can do!!!
Thanks my friend for being in
my life. Looking forward to the
next one.
Love Julie
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