Women's Book Club:

"LET'S TALK ABOUT IT" is a Women's Book Club dealing with everyday
issues and allowing women to express how they as women are feeling. The "IT"
represents any issue that is on your heart; we want to talk about "IT".

This ministry is an outreach to the community to the women who would for
whatever reason not find themselves in the house of worship on Sundays and to
any woman that is interested in attending. We believe as women that
sharpens iron;
even in hardships, hurts and pains we can make it. The struggle
is so much easier when there is someone who is there for you in the struggle, who
has your best interest at heart.

This ministry initially started on Saturday, November 18, 2006, with my
immediate family members. Then on Saturday, January 6, 2007, it reached out to
the community.

During our monthly meetings there will be occasions when we will read &
discuss books and other occasions when we will have Open Discussions based on
topics of interest.

Our objective is to deal with these pressing issues and motivate change so that we
can resolve problems and eliminate strongholds that try to control us, block us
and keep us from pressing on.

Along with the knowledge of God's word, we come together to discuss and search
for answers to questions about issues in our daily lives that may be holding us

Our coming together is a time
to be real, to be honest and to be truthful, because
these issues really exists. The bible teaches us "And ye shall know the truth, and
the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32) Our desire is to see women freed from
bondage, hurts and disappointments that life may present them with.

OUR CONFESSION: "We are not here to complain, we are here to resolve and
make resolutions on how we as women can effectively change and motivate

Come join us and
"LET"S TALK ABOUT IT" .....   

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