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Praise God for 2018

Our theme this year:

Go Get Your Stuff Back

"And David enquired at the Lord, saying, Shall I pursue
after this troop? shall I overtake them? And he answered him,
Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail
recover all." (1 Samuel 30:8)

Be Good, Be Blessed

Have A Wonderful, Blessed Year!!!     

Our humble beginnings...

I was recently invited by Evangelist Robin
Alford to not only attend but was given the
honor and pleasure to come and speak to the
women of "Be Encouraged" Ministries, Inc.
at their "Let's Talk About It" book club meeting.
At first it came as a surprise but I was quickly
reminded of the prophecy that came forth in
February 2004. God said it was not by accident
that I came into Robin's life. It's by divine
purpose. So I give God all the Glory and all the
Praise for His faithfulness.
My presentation that evening was on
Temperament-the inborn part of man (mankind)
placed in him by God. Words cannot explain the
awesome anointing in the room that
evening as the presence of God moved in the
place. The women came ready to receive
and not reject, they came to collect information
and not complain about what they
received and they came to bless and to be
blessed. The blessing for me was the ability
to share with them some of my personal
experiences since learning about
Temperaments and not feeling ashamed about
some of the decisions I made. We
laughed and one young lady brought tears to
our eyes. I just want to thank Robin for
considering and even trusting me to come and
minister to this women's ministry. One of
the things I admire about her is the precious
care she gives to the people and things God
has entrusted her with. I would also like to
thank the women of the "Let's Talk About It"
book club for setting an atmosphere of love that
I felt as I entered the room.
Thank you for letting me share. As God gets
ready to take you higher remember to hold
on to His unchanging hand.

                                   God Bless You All,
                                Elder Naomi M. Johnson

My book club is not just a book club, it is much
more to me than reading and discussion.
My book club is very enlightening to myself and
the other ladies. To be able to come
together every two weeks and sit down and
socialize with women that you know and
some that you don't, is truly refreshing and has
been a major blessing and enjoyment in
my life. The book club helps me realize that we
as women go through very similar
situations in life, whether good, bad or ugly, it is
nice to be able to share feelings with
other women, especially because women tend to
have a hard time trusting one another.
We read very interesting books and this always
helps to broaden one's personal horizon,
because knowledge and wisdom are often
received from the written word.

"Nice Environment"
"Friendly People"
"Good Advice"
Come and join us and see for yourself...

Our Book Club "Let's Talk About It"  has been  
very refreshing and a source of joy and
excitement, when we come together as Ladies.
The atmosphere is filled with so much
love and positive energy, I feel so free to share
my deepest feelings without the feeling of
being judged. In one of our meetings we
discussed how each one is different and  unique
in our own way and everyone has so much to
offer each other through our experiences in
life.   My heart has been touched by the unity
and level of respect that is shown to
everyone regardless of ones economics,
education, social or religious status. We work
together to make the changes necessary to make
us successful and productive ladies
according to God's designs. My life has been
enriched and I am so happy to be a part of
this ministry.  I say ministry because we serve
one another . For the short time we have
been meeting I can truly say that some
transformation has taken place and my  mindset
has been changed. We read our first book:
"Becoming A Millionaire God's Way" by Dr.
C. Thomas Anderson, personally this was my
second time reading this book so I have
been doubly blessed by it. What I enjoyed was
when  we searched the
information/revelation that was given  in this
book, we applied it to every area in our life
that needed an adjustment, we became
accountable to one another, and we created a
common bond.  I have made some great
changes in my life and I know my life will never
be the same . I have received the insight and the
strength to take action to become that
millionaire  that God said I can become .
Thank God for "Let's Talk About It."

Women's Book Club
"Let's Talk About It"
We are women who share stories and life
experiences to encourage one another and
other women in different areas. Come join us
and be blessed.

"BE ENCOURAGED" has truly blessed and
encouraged me. Since becoming a member
I have had the opportunity to not only read
encouraging spirit filled books, but the
opportunity to share my joys, speak my
opinions, share my experiences and
encourage someone else. The women of "BE
ENCOURAGED" have shown me that no
matter the age or lifestyle, we all have a walk,
we all have a voice and when we share our
life's experience it's gives a point of view and the
opportunity to encourage others.
I look forward to the growth of "BE
ENCOURAGED".                                                      "Be

"Let's Talk About It" is a time to bear, care and
share experiences.
As a guest at a recent "BE ENCOURAGED"
women's book club meeting, I felt
humbled after a viewing of  "THE SECRET",
by Rhonda Byrne. The movie served as a
reminder to me of the principles to live by. In
the company of this diverse, dynamic and
energetic panel of "good women". I shared my
personal mantra:

Here's To Good Women
May We Know Them        
May We Be Them
May We Raise Them
           Author Unknown
I personally can't wait to meet again with this
 "BE ENCOURAGED"!                                 

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